Product Name : KED AT-7000 PCBA Cleaning Machine

KED AT-7000 PCBA Cleaning Machine
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  •  In-line PCBA cleaning machine
  • Suitable for cleaning large quantities PCBA, online completion of cleaning, rinsing and drying all the processes
  • Excellent cleaning effect, the effective removal of rosin, water soluble flux, disposable flux and other organic, inorganic pollutants
  • Excellent chemical isolation, low running costs
  • Stainless steel cabinet with good reliability, can resist any damage by acid and alkali cleaning chemistry.


Board direction L-R
Control mode using one touch type computer + PLC configuration software control
Speed 0.1-1.5m / min adjustable;0.8 m / min ( recommended )
Maximum Cleaning PCBA Size 600mm(W) × 100mm(H)
Minimum Cleaning PCBA Size 50mm(W) × 50mm(H) (to be clamped)
Board Thickness 0.1~ 4mm
Cleaning Solvent Tank Capability 300L (Max)
Cleaning Pump Power 11KW
Cleaning Solvent Filter 0.45μm
Cleaning Solvent Heating Power 27KW