MAEDAN ENTERPRISE, INC., established in 1988, is engaged in the distribution of technologically-advanced and well-known brands of equipment, materials and consumables to the electronics, semiconductor, automotive, pharmaceutical, consumer and food industries. We provide after-sales service support for the equipment we distribute.

Company Philosophy

         " To serve customers honestly, with uncompromising integrity, products and services with the best quality, reasonable price and on-time delivery. "


We shall help our customers improve their competitiveness through our on-time delivery of their preferred equipment, products, and services, keeping them abreast with technological trends and being their partner in industry initiatives.

We shall build our long-term alliances with our supplier through mutually transparent beneficial relationships.

We shall keep our employees continuously motivated by creating a congenial working environment, providing opportunities for professional, as well as personal growth, and by ensuring equitable reward for performance.

We shall support community development through livelihood, educational, and other socio-economic programs.

We shall provide reasonable return on shareholders� investment.


MAEDAN ENTERPRISE, INC., recognized for its reliability and dedication, is a leader in providing preferred equipment, products, and services to the electronics and other manufacturing industries.