Product Name : Lighthouse Scan Air Pro Particle Counter

Lighthouse Scan Air Pro Particle Counter
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ScanAir Pro

Smart Upstream Sampling and Downstream Filter Scanning System

The Lighthouse ScanAir Pro System is a particle counter based HEPA/ULPA filter scanning system. It is the only easy and lightweight method for testing and scanning PTFE, fiberglass and other filter media for leaks.

Incorporating an ergonomic lightweight-scanning probe with touchscreen user interface, the ScanAir Pro System also includes a SOLAIR portable particle counter and a dual-port diluter that can be remotely switched between measurements from the touch screen handle.

The ScanAir Pro System allows you to take an upstream and downstream measurement that displays real time percent leak information on the integrated touch screen display.

Contact your local Lighthouse sales representative for additional information or to schedule a demonstration.


  • Ergonomic and Lightweight
  • Touchscreen User Interface
  • Upstream and Downstream Mode of Measurement
  • Automatic Calculation of Alarm Threshold
  • Scan & Size Leaks
  • Display Percentage Leak During Downstream Mode
  • Display Upstream or Downstream Measurements
  • Only Solution for Testing PTFE Media Filters
  • Ability to Challenge Test Filters With a Much Lower Concentration Than a Photometer
  • Virtually No Coalescence of Aerosol
  • Use PSL and PAO for Filter Challenge Testing 
  • Multi-Function System Allows Instruments to be
  • Utilized for Other Applications