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Product Name : Hexagon OPTIV Lite

Vision Measuring System
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Vision Measuring System

Optiv Lite DCC

Measurement Eficiency

In manufacturing both efficiency and product quality are essential.  Hexagon Metrology Optiv Lite DCC is the answer.  The system comes with a fully automated 3 axis stage, coupled with the world famous PC-DMIS software ensuring a quality process using optimum efficiency and reliability.

The long stroke version is specially designed for solar, home applicance and PCB manufacturing.  The system adopts Hexagon Metrology's patented triangular beam technology in order to provide the optimum stiff-to-mass ratio.  The design significantly reduces vibration by lowering the gravity's point and thus provides greater stability and higher accuracy.

Optiv Lite OLM

Accurate, Reliable, User-Friendly

Optiv Lite Manual series is one of the most intuitive and user friendly, manually operated, vision measuring system.  The sytem design takes into consideration the accuracy, repeatability, and reliability of measurement results.  Therefore granite was used for the XY stage and the Z axis column.

OLM is suitable for shop floor operation.  It provides fast, accurate measurement for both routine and complex parts.  The system can be completed with multi sensor capability (tactile option).